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While you may not have thought of your Electrical System, now may be the time. So many times, electrical problems are found after the decorating has been done. Causing the decorating having to be repaired as well. Having an Electrical Safety inspection done first, may prevent additional expences down the road. This way, should electrical repairs be necessary, the decorator is already here and can make the necessary decorating repairs as well. Saving the money that would have been spent on the redo of the decorating.

A Good Idea!

Electrical Safety Inspection:
We can provide a complete electrical safety inspection. We'll provide you with a detailed report and if necessary, make a new circut panel schedule so you can easily know what switch to flip when you need to; Without having to reset all the clocks in the house. And, you'll have peace of mind regarding your home!

Should any repairs be recommended,
we will provide you with a detailed proposal.

Not A Good Idea!

Decorative Lighting : The Jewelry of The Room!

Benefits of Decorator ceiling medallions:

When needed, we can locate Historically accurate ceiling medallion patterns and detail.
A ceiling medallion adds sophisticated style.
Enhance light fixtures and further illuminate your interiors.
Create fascination within a room by changing its very shape and feel.
A ceiling medallion expands the visual height of a room, while adding that
extra dramatic touch to set the room apart from all others.




Think about it. Couldn't the lighting in your home become "The Jewelry of The Room"? Just adding new wall plates will improve most rooms. But the lighting also can dramatically affect how the New Plaster finish will look.

And if we go all the way and find coordinating lighting that sets off the New Finishes and coordinate the style/color of the switches, outlets and plates. Maybe replace or add a ceiling Fan? Wow, is this starting to look GREAT! Or What! Check out the ideas below:

Ceiling Lighting & Medallions:
Most ceilings are not even considered beyond "ceiling white". A ceiling fixture is just a necessary evil - if it's even thought of. But, what if we add a beautiful Ceiling Medallion that has been finished to match the New Walls? Maybe add a New Fixture, too? We have a few good ideas you may want to consider. For now or later.




Ceiling Fans:
In addition to "Traditional" ceiling fans we're used to seeing, there are many "Theme" designs that work very well with the design of a room. This may be a good time to think about adding or changing a ceiling fan. Whether an "Old World" look or a "Sport Theme", or High Tech Industrial, We'll be able to find what works.



Wall Sconces:
These lights really set off a room with New Venetian Plaster of any finish. We will find just the right style to fit perfectly with the New Walls! Nothing adds to a Theater Room like Wall Sconces.

Offen, we will be able to find Ceiling Fixtures to match as well - if needed. Accentuate your fireplace, add warmth to your rooms, and highlight your fine décor.



Wall Plates, Switches, Dimmer Switches & Outlets:
There are many Decorative Wall Plate & Switch covers. In addition to that , Lutron Company offers a palette of colors for, not only covers, but also the switches and outlets themselves.

Dimmer Switches:      Transform your dining room into a romantic dinner.  Combined with recessed lighting or wall sconces, Dimmer Switches transform your television viewing into a "Movie Theater" experience.

And, they also save energy!


Recessed Lighting by
"Eurofase Lighting"

Hidden or "Indirect" Lighting:

Do you presently have any "recessed" lighting? Do the Trimrings/Baffles look old or have paint on them?
Normally, they can easily be replaced without the expence of replacing the whole light. Or, the existing parts can be colored to match the new design of the room.

Or, would you like to have some "recessed" lighting installed? Recessed Lighting adds sophistication.  Directional trims illuminate your favorite artwork, while simultaneously highlighting the texture and color of your Venetian Plaster.

They Don't Have to be Bland White Rings!

Recessed Lighting by
"Eurofase Lighting"

A vision for you:    Your personal style and color palate artistically expressed through the integration of illumination, electrical devices, and Venetian Plasters/Faux Finishes.



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