Décor By Paul
Our Mission

I feel that it is important to let my clients know what I think about my work and the way it affects them. So I've put together this Mission Statement to try and convey some of how I feel.

Having over 28 Years Experience in this field, I've found that a very important aspect of my work is that when the job is done, you must feel very comfortable in your home; the newly decorated environment needs to be inviting and make you feel warm. Not that you are consciously thinking "oh what a great decorating job", but rather you are not thinking "what a terrible job." And while in your home, your surroundings should be pleasing to the eye. After a hard day out in the world, being at home should be relaxing and restful for you and your guests. And as you have guests over, they should be impressed with your sense of style and color. You should feel that...,

You have done a great job decorating your home!

Throughout my career, as I said before, I have tackled what I call "the challenge jobs." And in the process, I've learned a lot about the "intangibles" of my work. And I guess the most important thing that I've learned is that the long term pleasure my clients get out of my work is much more important to them (and me) than the short term feeling that some get from a "bargain price." In this field, you most definitely get what you pay for.

And now, with the addition of Hugh to my team, we are able to offer a more complete package for the decorative environment. Giving our Clients the ability to utilize a larger pallet to achieve their vision. I always say to my Clients, that while I may have good Professional input, I don't have to wake up to it every day. And knowing Hugh for as long as I have, I know that he shares my high standards & feelings regarding our Clients.

When my clients invest in quality, that is exactly what they get.
And it doesn't matter whether the job is in Chicago, South Florida, Dallas, Texas or Vancouver Island,BC.

The quality of Décor By Paul always shows.

If you have any other questions regarding my work, please feel free to email them along with your info request to: Paul@DecorByPaul.com




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