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Décor By Paul
Fine Painting & Faux Finishes


California 2010
" Super-Scrub" Ceramic

We think Muralo "Ultra" is the best
Waterbourn paint for all trim & doors.

Clients always say "Wow, it looks like Oil!"


Benjamin Moore "Aura" Waterbourn Paints



California Paint's
line is ZERO VOC
Green Compliant.
We use products like these
when appropriate.

As you can see with the group of products we have here, we take pride in the products we use. We know that this lineup will give long lasting life and beauty to your location. Whether it is your home or business, we understand that you don't want to have to do this again for many years.

Unless of course you want to change your colors.

While we Specialize in Venetian Plaster installations, we also complete the New Look with all of your Painting and Lighting needs.

With an investment like this, you need to be sure the work has been done right and will last many years.

And we feel that if we don't get the"WOW" out of our clients, we've not done our job.


Benjamin Moore's
" Natura" Paint
line is ZERO VOC
Green Compliant.
We use products like these
when appropriate.

We continue to search for a better interior primer, but still havn't found one better than this!


Muralo 563 is about the best Interior Primer we've used.


If you want a patina metal look, these Paints and Acid washes create a "Patina" effect that is just fabulous!

Faux Finishes

We Gaurantee our Plaster Repairs for up to 1 year.*


Modern Master's Glazes provide exellent
Faux Finish durability.

*Marbling * Wood Graining * Color Washing*

*Marble Frotage * Tissue Texture * Strie'*

*Sponge Painting * Stenciling * Graphics*

*Ragging * And More*

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Modern Master's line of Metallic paints are hard to beat.

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While the companies shown above have not endorsed DBP, we certainly do endorse their products.
We also use other Top Quality products that are not shown here.

  * Unless the plaster problem is structural.  
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