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Décor By Paul
Who Are We?
2 Companies Working for you!

Paul S. Zemit

Decor By Paul
Hugh D. Imhof

Hugh's Power & Light

Paul's Profile

Décor By Paul began in 1981. I was the proverbial kid out of High School that needed a job and soon started working for a painter. After about six months, I decided that I knew better than the boss and struck out on my own. That is when my training really began. I often say that for the money I spent on my painting career, my education could have been at Northwestern University. Always taking on what I call "The Challenge Jobs". This work sped up my learning curve and I soon found my company had grown to having 5 crews and all of the associated good and bad.

I’ve been a resident of Rogers Park, Chicago since 1978 and my business has taken me to South Florida, Texas and Vancouver Island, BC . “Working Vacations”are nice to have as well.

In this work, it is easy to “cut corners” and take professionalism away from the work. But, with each corner cut, the end result suffers. And when this happens, ultimately, no one is happy. Over the years, I’ve developed ways of accomplishing the work that would provide not only the initial “well done” appearance we all look for but also longevity as well.

While at one time I had the “Big Company” with five crews and five jobs always going at one time, I found that in addition to the “headaches”, it just wasn’t satisfying. It wasn’t creative. I had found that I do better and more creative work on a smaller scale. So, today I endeavor to do one project at a time, one Client at a time. Rarely are more than 3 or 4 weeks scheduled at a time. This way I usually don't find myself rushing to finish one job in order to get to the next one. I want to provide Art for my clients and be more attentive as well. Faux Finishing and Venetian Plasters were perfect for the direction I wanted to go.

Also, I like to spend the time that is necessary, with my clients, to achieve the look we all want…We all want our friends to say …"Wow! What did you do to your walls? It looks SOOO wonderful!" This is what I call "The WOW! Effect".

Years ago, while having a "working vacation" for a client in Florida, I saw a few homes done with “Venetian Plaster”. I couldn’t believe how COOL it looked. I had to find out more about it.

The "Wow! Effect" is what I find with “Venetian Plasters”. I started learning about and training in “Venetian Plasters” in 2001. And soon learned that "Venetian Plasters" were a much different and more versatile group of products than there was in paint alone. I also knew that in order to reach my already high standards, it would be a while before I felt competent enough in the medium to offer this in my business. I added this Art to my business in 2004. And now, "Venetian Plasters" are the main part of my business.

There just isn't anything better or more cost effective to put on your walls and ceilings. And now, with Hugh joining the team, we have the ability to install Decorative Switches, Outlets and Decorative Lighting at the same time. This is the "Jewelry" of the room and sets off the new finishes like nothing else. The "Wow" Effect! That is what I work for today!

At 50 years of age, I feel like a kid in a candy store again regarding my craft. I hope to get an opportunity to help create a new environment in your Home or Business..

Thank You,
Paul S. Zemit

Hugh's Profile

After completion of the I.B.E.W.'s "5 Year Apprenticeship Program", (which involved hands-on training with more experienced journeyman electricians), I’ve enhanced my experience with years of work in the Electrician's Union and in My own business.  Studying for and passing the Illinois State Licensing exam has ensured safety, proper installations, and a strong knowledge base.  Since 1995 I’ve engaged in activities from Installation of new services, complete re-wiring of homes, preventative maintenance, and electrical system augmentation to providing greater electrical functionality, adding sophistication, and tailoring electrical devices and illumination facilitating artistic integration with your personal décor.

In other words, I'm really into installing Decorative Lighting & Accessories!

My military experience in The U.S. Navy, provided good discipline and leadership.  Educated at De Paul University with years of business experience in The Commodities Field has provided me with strong business acumen and a sincere approach to sound business practices enabling me to understand and meet my client’s needs.

A happy and satisfied "customer" usually turns into another Great Client!  A small business means low overhead costs, which, translates into savings for you!  If any unforeseen difficulties arise, the facts are immediately communicated to you and your consent is necessary prior to additional work commencing.

We do not create job-sites; We work in your Home! 

Paul and I have known each other for over 25 years. Over these years, we have developed a good friendship and trust that we now bring to our Business. This has proven to be important for our Clients as well. How else would you be able to schedule your Electrician and Decorator at the same time?

Working together, we are able to eliminate the re-doing of work. We have seamless cooperation which prevents needless cost overruns. And, we share high standards of excellence in bringing your vision to fruition and completing the Project as quickly as possible.

Thank you,
Hugh D. Imhof

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