Decor By Paul

The Fireplace

The Client had a Fireplace in Chicago that they wanted duplicated in their new place in Elgin. Many others said it could NOT be done. For me, it was just another challenge.  After seeing this blank canvas, I went to work in the Studio.  It wasn't so much putting in a fireplace. It was designing the Finish that was the challenge.
The Finished Fireplace had the "Courderoy Plaster"  finish we were looking for and as far we know, it is still providing amazing service.
What I Use for Repairs...
Durabond Brown Bag
...Joint Compound

Durabond 20, 45, 90
We also used Sheet Rock Brand Drywall.
Muralo #563
Simply the Best Primer
for the work that I do.
Putting #563 on top of Durabond Brown Bag is like sealing the concrete. And it also provides a good base for the finish coat. In this case... Muralo Ultra Semi-Gloss .
Muralo Ultra Waterborne
I started using this way back in the 90s. This is what I replaced my use of Oil Based Semi-Gloss with.  A fantastic finish with strength and smoothness. Highly washable.