The Problem
Damaged Plaster Around Light Switch
Drywall Or Plaster - It Works The same!
No More getting Shocked! - No More Burning notches in Plaster Knives!

Or For Semi-Permanent Installation
Use the cover plate screw holes and supplied screws to attach for longer duration jobs. Real Devise Protection!
The OPSS in The Box.
You can see here how The OPSS actually fits into the Electrical Box itself. Also notice how The Tuff Strap is in place.
Electric Box Ring NOT included.
Wall Switch Plaster Repair Completed.
By using The Outlet Plastering Safety Shield, you can get a Solid to the box Repair that will last a very long time.
The Outlet Plastering
Safety Shield™
This is The Perfect Solution for the problem of bad plaster around a switch or plug receptacle. Available Only here at Decor By Paul.
Save Time And Money! Check Out The Video :-)
Whether it is Drywall or Plaster, Electrical Outlet or Switch, The Outlet Plastering Safety Shield really is The Perfect Solution for this typical problem. Bad plaster around an Electrical Outlet or Switch.

The video above will show you just how quick and easy this works to provide you with a Great Repair!

Shock Proof!    Save Time & Money!
Each OPSS will do up to 30 Repairs! 

The Outlet Plastering Safety Shield is also used as a semi-permanent cover for Electrical Outlets during longer jobs. It can attach to the devise using the cover plate screw holes and the screws provided in The OPSS Package.

Whether Drywall or Plaster, I would recommend using a hard mix quick setting compound such as Duro-Bond 20 or Duro-Bond 45,  for your repair. This will make the repair as hard as it can be and it will last much longer than if you just use regular drywall joint compound. It is just too soft for this repair.
Just $24.95 Plus S&H

The Outlet Plastering Safety Shield Triple Guide Kit


1 Receptacle Kit
1 - Complete Receptacle Kit includes:
1 - OPSS Cover.
1 - Tuff Strap.
2 - Extra Long 1.5" Screws.
2 - Regular 1" Screws.

In the package, you get:
1 - Receptacle Kit.
1 - Single Switch Kit.
1 - Double Switch Kit.
3 Complete sets in all.
In the package, you get: 1 - Receptacle Kit,
1 - Single Switch Kit & 1 - Double Switch Kit.
The Outlet Plastering Safety Shield Kit
Pkg. Contents
The Triple Guide Kit will provide more than 100 Repairs!
Each Kit Includes:
1 Single Switch OPSS
1 Double Switch OPSS
1 Receptacle OPSS
Extra Screws
Tuff Straps
Complete Instructions

Wow, that's a lot of missing plaster!
Let's unscrew this devise just a bit. Just so we can get our fingers underneath the ears of the devise.
OPSS Installs in Seconds!
With OPSS in place, you can plaster just up to the original surface. No Feathering Out - No Humps.
Only The OPSS will give you repairs as Clean as this!