Decor By Paul
Creators of The Outlet Plastering Safety Shield!

For New Construction

Use The Outlet Plastering Safety Shield to Protect The Electrical Boxes when newly installed. No Mud or Debris will get inside.....
OPSS Protecting an Empty Electrical Box.
Here we see that The OPSS is being used to Protect an empty Electrical Box. This will prevent Mud and Debris from getting into the box.

Simply install with the supplied screws. OPSS locks in place by screwing down to the devise screw holes.

With The OPSS in place, mud and debris won't get inside. Saving time.

Then Transition to Protecting the installed Wire, Devise or Pigtail (Using The Piglet™ OPSS™). Now you have Power and Lights for the rest of the job. Everybody can have power where the prints say power should be.

No Need for The Power Board or Extension Cords laying all over the place.
Change the way you think about it. The OPSS™ allows you to protect each location before the drywall even goes up. And that Protection should be in place all the way through the Job, making the Job Site Safer and more productive.