Quality Products Vs. Not so much...

When we are talking about the difference between maybe 2 or 3 years vs. 10 Years, or maybe even longer, we need to be talking about Top Quality Products.  They are Top Quality for a reason. These products are formulated to have the strongest and longest lasting characteristics on the market.
 Decor By Paul

Metal Effects By
Modern Masters
Whenever I need a weathered metal effect, I turn to Modern Masters.
Kilz Spray 
Oil Based Primer
I use this to cover rust spots.
Modern Masters
Clear Protective Coating for Decorative Plasters
A protective clear coat is recommended anywhere high traffic is expected.

Products that we use!

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Durabond 20
This is referred to as Brown Bag Durabond. A rock hard joint compound that I use to make actual repairs to walls and ceilings.
Wallcovering Primer
Shieldz is one of many good wallcovering primers on the market. Generally, they seem to be pretty equal in performance. 
Roman PRO-838
Heavy Duty Clear
Wallcovering Adhesive
Roman Wallcovering Adhesives are quite excellent. 
The Durabond Family of 
Joint Compounds
The numbers represent the approx. working time we have with the Durabond 20, 45, 90 minutes respectively.
These Wooster Brushes give me the straight lines my work requires.
The Natural Sponge
Fiba Tape comes in Blue, Yellow, and White
The reason to use Fiba Tape or another fiber-glass tape is that it ads a superior amount of strength to the "Brown Bag" "Durabond" joint compound. That allows me to guarantee the repairs I make for 1 year. If it doesn't come back in a year... it is unlikely that it will.
"#563 Enamel Undercoater Primer"
A LOW VOC... This is simply the best primer for the interior projects that I have always done. Every time I try a different primer, I always come back to #563 by California Paints. Previously "Muralo", they were bought by California Paints.
California Paints "ULTRA"
I like to use California Paints ULTRA line because not only is it a great professional coating to apply, it provides for excellent touch-up and washability over time. With care, this finish should last ten to fifteen years. When I use this, I know that the finished room will last for many years and all I'll have to do is touch up once in a while
Benjamin Moore "Aura"
Benjamin Moore "Aura" is a finish coating that is really tough. It will put up with day to day living and be cleanable for years.
Benjamin Moore "Regal Select" Interior Paint
Benjamin Moore Regal select is the lowest grade paint I would want to use. And this is still fine for most applications. 

After the room has been fully prepped, Two finish coats would be required. And you will have a Beautiful Finish that will last many years.
After making sure that all of the necessary plaster/drywall repairs have been done.