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Wall coverings are coming back stronger than ever. But something has changed. Today's modern designs are not only being used for whole rooms, but also as accent walls or just accents within a painted wall. Just like what happened in the 90s with paint, "the rules have been shoved out the proverbial window."  It's time to get creative. Check out a couple of New Ideas, before you decide.


The Natural Sponge
For most wallcoverings that require cleaning the surface, this is the way to go.
In the World of wall and ceiling repair adding "Fiba Tape", fiber-glass self-sticking tape to Duro-Bond Brown Bag plaster,  is like adding Re-Bar to concrete in the high-way. It adds a level of strength that I am able to guarantee.

The Look of Grass Cloth
Here, we have a Grasscloth Printed Vinyl. Applied in the Tray Ceiling and as kind of a window-set design on the wall. Notice the framing of the paint. Subtle and Classy, this Master Bedroom is very relaxing.

Applying the "wallcovering" to the Tray Ceiling... NOT for the DIYer. And while it may theoretically seem like a piece of cake to hang the paper and then paint stripes on it... That is NOT how this is done. In this case, the Wallcovering is applied over the already painted surface... After the wallpaper Primer has been applied. Then all edges are specially sealed to prevent future edge separation.
Wall coverings require a lot of skill to be able to install them correctly. There are many different materials used in wall covering manufacturing, all with different characteristics.  A seasoned Pro is usually necessary for proper installation. A Pro will know what to do when the paper goes bad. Maybe bubbles developed, or wrinkles, or un-level corner wraps, double cut seams and more... And, all of this needs to be done on properly prepped surfaces. Anything bad left on the surface, will more than likely "telegraph" through the new wall covering and look like a high-lighted mistake or even worse. Plaster or drywall cracks should be repaired, not patched. For the expense of the overall project, we want it to be done from the outset.

Here's a little example... look up at the ceiling, assuming you are at home. Or, go over and "feel" the wall... If you see or feel anything there... if it's not eliminated, it will telegraph through like a quarter under a carpet. NOT good.

Even "simple" border papers need proper installation to not only look good now but in the future as well... 

We no longer need to do the entire ceiling. It looks so much better as a Tray Ceiling Hi-Lite. Even if this were a flat ceiling, we can cut the perimeter into just about any shape to create a "Ceiling Medallion". Why not make the ceiling an "eye catcher"?

Theme Rooms are Cool to do as well. Whether it's for the Grand Kids, The Kids, or The Kid at Heart, a themed wall Mural set in Team Colors can really make a room Special. We can even add a matching lighting scheme to complete the overall look. 

All examples shown in these photos are part of
The Saddlebrook Farms Project located in Grays Lake, IL 

The Project Decorating was designed by 
Kathy Cohn of ELENI Interiors of Naperville, IL.